Sunday, June 30, 2013

A rookie's rant and her dog

Templates, layouts, fonts, colors, backgrounds, widths, labels, links, the list goes on. I should have known the start of a blog would be no simple task for me, well at least not a short one. The blogging world has an abundance of options, which I found exciting and a little intimidating.

 My perfectionism likes to creep in whenever I decide to dive into something new, but I will not let that be a barrier. I mean, I'm managing to write my first post without hyperventilating-that is always a good start, right?

I have been wanting to start a blog for quite sometime now. I am so happy I finally pushed myself to get it started! The blog world intrigues me. There are so many possibilities literally at your fingertips. Blogs can inspire and help both the readers and blogger. I love that people can easily share what they love to a large number of people. I truly believe God can work through blogs in beautiful ways.

I contemplated whether I wanted to type this next paragraph, but as you can see I decided to continue the typing, so here it goes: Blogs also have CONS...DUN DUN DUUUUN (say what? No really they do). As humans we tend to be silly at times by letting lies creep into our noggins, and prioritizing our lives in wacky ways. What I mean is that if bloggers aren't careful, their blogs will consume them. 

Speaking personally, I have a horrible habit of comparing myself. People can misuse blogs by reading others' blogs and comparing their life to the blogger's life, as well as prioritizing their blog over more important things. As we are all aware this happens with all social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People tend to disclose the less messy parts of their lives' on social media sites, and that is okay. 

The problem comes when we forget reality-no one's life is perfect. Despite popular belief, it still happened even if a photo, status, or blog post wasn't produced for all to see. With all that said, I think blogging is wonderful, but the key is balance and remembering what's important. 

Welp! I can get a little passionate sometimes! But passion is good for the soul! On a lighter note here is a photo of the cutest pup in all the land (okay, it is my dog, so I may or may not be bias):

Oh, and here's what most of last week looked like: 

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