Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here's to oversleeping and spilling Mexican soda

Today, my alarm didn't go off, I overslept and missed church. But you know, it happens. It happens to me more often than I'd like to admit.

My Sunday was still great. Today was full of the wonderfully little. 

Nick and I went to Rite Aid and got delicious Thrifty ice cream and drinks from a gas station, and headed to one of my favorite parks. The park is tiny and I have never actually seen people there, but it's my favorite because Nick and I always take ridiculous photos there. 

For some strange reason, I had been craving a Jarritos soda for the longest time, so today my taste-buds were extra happy, and my heart was thankful for my innovative boyfriend, who opened my soda with a drinking fountain.

Today's appreciation of the little:
1. Laughing with Nick at our silly photos.
2. How Nick still loves swings as much as I do.
3. Mexican soda.
4. Cotton Candy ice cream.
5. Bibles with beautiful covers. 

Appreciation of the not so little:
1. Bible verses that God uses to really hit home. 
2. How God has put the same passions on mine and Nick's heart. 
3. Growing spiritually with the one you love.

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