Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear sister

Dear Noelle Marie (Noe):

Today is your sixth birthday. There is 14 years between us, but you have taught me more in your six years than I have taught you. You are one of the most beautiful humans I have ever known. You have a presence about you that I can't help but want to be around. Your sweet giggles are contagious. You are a free spirit, with so much love and intelligence to give. You have helped me be a better person. 

You were born during a rough time in mine and mommy's life, and at the time we were terrified. But, you were what gave us hope. We sometimes forget God knows exactly what he's doing. Noelle is the perfect name for you. Noelle or Noel means Christmas. You are a gift from God, and he couldn't have placed you in mommy's tummy at a more perfect time. I am thankful for you, my sweet girl. 

One day you are going to realize the world can be a dark and scary place, but do not loose hope. The Lord loves you and if you turn to him, letting him embrace you, you will be okay...I promise. The world is going to tell you things that aren't true. You are going to get hurt more than once. Your heart will be broken, and you will be sad and angry. But, always remember who created you. God created the curves of your body and the passions of your heart. You are made in HIS image. The scary things of this world are nothing in comparison. Don't ever think you can't do something, because you think you are dreaming too big. God has called us to dream big. You are going to do great things for Christ. 

Some things you have taught me:
-Not to lose hope, even when life's struggles feel suffocating.
-I am beautiful, even when I don't think I am. 
-To embrace my silliness. 
-To laugh often.
-It's okay to love dressing up like princesses, and to love exploring and wrestling like hooligans. 
-To embrace what you love. Not to try to be someone else. 

Noe, thank you for laughing at my jokes, baking yummy cupcakes with me, and sliding down the stairs in our sleeping bags together. You are a delight to know. Maybe you will read this letter one day, maybe I will give it to you on your 18th birthday, maybe sooner. Happy birthday baby sister!

Big sister 

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