Friday, November 15, 2013

Sit and sip

I've been awfully busy lately. I constantly talk about how many things I have to get done. I'm constantly overwhelmed with the responsibilities of my day, including the need to keep up with all social media. I take pride in my busyness. I feel productive when I have an overload of things to accomplish in one day. I am never in one place too long, and I usually like it that way.

Here's the thing...I hate these things about myself. No one should strive on busyness. No one should forget to take breaks. And when breaks are taken they shouldn't all include technology. I read an article on Relevent Magazine's website yesterday. It talked about how we become consumed by busyness and technology, and forget to simply be. Simply sit. Simply rest. 

Yes, I am busy. But I have fallen into the lie. The lie that I do not have enough time to take a break, and more importantly enough time to spend with God. I find myself having 30 minutes to spend on social media, but only 5 minutes to spend with the Lord. Better than zero minutes right? Wrong. 

But that's what I often tell myself. "Oh, I don't have much time, better just read the verse of the day on my Bible app." I'm ashamed that six days out of the week that is what I do. I make excuses, and ultimately those excuses leave me with less time. 

I forget it's okay to take a break some days. Away from technology, and dare I say....responsibilities!
So, I'm turning a new leaf-it is autumn after all.

Everyday I plan to: 
1) Take a break from technology and my responsibilities, and get out into nature (walking to class does NOT count). I will intentionally go for walks or explore or sit on a bench and read...ya know the things people say they never have time for.  
2) Intentionally do something that I love...another thing people say they don't have time for. 
3) Quiet time with God: journal everyday...what I tell myself I don't have time for.

Last night was the first day of this whole "take a break" project, and it was grand! I sat and was silent for awhile. Then I did something I love: I painted. I thought I would feel guilty and think about my list of things to do, but guess what...I didn't. I sipped my break slowly and it didn't taste bitter. 

Today I took a break before my noon class. I walked around my beautiful campus and took photos of fall's color palette...gaaah. I can't get enough of these colors.

Some days, my breaks will be longer, some days they will be shorter. Some days I may not journal. The thing is I am aware now. I am aware of the importance of slowing down and taking breaks. I refuse to fall into the busyness trap. It's full of selfishness and anxiety. I plan to sip my breaks slowly. I hope you will too.

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