Sunday, December 22, 2013

It was not her cup of tea

She tried tea. She didn't like it, so she tried it again. 

My sister tried hot tea for the first time in her six years. When I told her the tea was "sugar cookie" flavor (it really was) her eyes lit up and her head nodded. She made sure to request sugar, "lots of sugar." Her small hands embraced her warm Santa mug...she took her first sip, and to her surprise she did not like it. 

"Why," I asked. 
"Because," she said. 
"Try it one more time," I encouraged. 

She took a small sip, with hesitation, and there it was again. The same grimaced look of definite disapproval. But unlike the first time, the sip was spat back into the mug. 

I admired how she was willing to try something she said she didn't like a second time. I admired how she didn't give an explanation. Sometimes "because" is enough. 

Her actions made me think how we often fear the things we want to do. We may decide those things aren't what we wanted after all. We may become conflicted-confused of whether we truly want something. The something being much bigger than a cup of tea. 

Even if something is difficult and doesn't make logical sense, but you want to try one more time-than pick that cup up. Sometimes to be sure it's what you do or don't want, you have to try it again. We are going to be confused more often than not in our lives, but we can't let fear determine our decisions. 

We can't be afraid to take another sip of that tea we didn't like.


  1. This is lovely, especially the last phrase, and your little sister is adorable!