Monday, February 24, 2014

Paradoxical purpose

I stepped into an art studio, thanks to the kindness of Dan Chen. He is a humble and God loving man who creates. Creates not to bring himself praise, but to bring our creator God praise.

I looked at the brushes, pencils and paper with awe and intrigue. The space was a place of freedom. Freedom to create whatever my hands led me to make. 

My hands rumiged through boxes of pencils. My fingertips ran across spines' of art books. 

My hand drew a hand, and that's when I started to get it. In that moment I understood I was not my own. My gifts are not my own. I was reminded of my insignificance and I couldn't resist a smile. 

There is something much bigger than us and He knows, in the scheme of things-in the scheme of Himself, we are insignificant. But, He chooses to use us anyway. He chooses to create each one of us with immense purpose. 

It is a divine paradox. What a beautiful and perfect creator we have.

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