Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Innocent secrets

I like to notice the small details.

I tend not to tell others about the little details I find beautiful, because 1)The telling would be too often and people would get annoyed and 2) I think people would often think I am crazy. 

But, mostly because I like to keep these details between God and I. They are my innocent secrets.

The tiniest details intrigue me. Whether it's the way birds can be unintentionally caught between branches with a camera, the way light creates patterns, or the way a marker could connect some of my sister's freckles to make a perfect line.   

Today, I didn't feel like keeping the details to myself. I can't explain what sparked my impulse, but I hope it leads you to see the beauty of the small. 

I hope you discover, if you haven't already, that small does not mean insignificant. All the details were set in place for a purpose. Sometimes the only purpose is to be in awe

Maybe you already notice little things and you like to keep them as innocent secrets too. So then I hope you smile, knowing you aren't alone. If you tend to overlook the small, I hope today you will notice some...and the next day, and the next.

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