Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday of gratitude

// T h a n k f u l //
{ f o r }

1. Growth and grace.
2. Coffee, because man it tastes good.
3. The butterfly that flew over my head yesterday.
4. Early mornings. 
5. My internship I will be heading to in a couple weeks.
6. All the people supporting me through prayer and funds to get me to said internship.
7. Solo bike rides.
8. The cute little elderly man I see riding his bicycle every time I go outside.
9. Listening to my handsome guy play his guitar. 
10. Johnny Cash's music...he will forever be my favorite, ever.
11. Being human (this might sound odd, but think about it. It is a gift, even when we don't think it is, to feel as deeply as we do). 
12. The ability to w r i t e.
13. The chance to have small adventures every single day.

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