Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today is Different

I quiet myself and try to feel content. 
A breeze dances in the air, 
taking my hair with it. 
I sweep my hair back, 
but the breeze picks up. 
I allow my hair to sway 
to the faster rhythm of the wind.
I listen, I am still--
I am no longer trying, 
I am.
I am content. 
Every day I feel the wind, 
but today is different. 
Every day I know you are present,
but today is different. 
I feel you. 
You are in the breeze 
that makes my hair 
and your trees dance. 
You are in the stillness of the air, 
when the breeze and I grow weary. 
You are here,
I quiet myself and feel content. 
Today is different. 

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