Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not another dream filled summer

Dreams. They sweep us up and fill us with hope.

Unless, we only dream.

To only dream is to become strangled by your dreaming. You are left gasping for air. You become weak and crippled. 

You are left looking back and wishing, instead of living now and doing. 

Dreams that seem distant. Dreams that seem consuming. 

"Too many small dreams." "One dream that is far too big."


Why do we allow our dreams to cripple us, when God designed them to empower us? 

I told myself this summer would be different. I refused to let another dream filled summer pass. 

My dreams; the small ones, the big ones, the inbetween ones. I was done thinking about them. I was ready to embrace them, to feel them. I wouldn't shy away. I was ready to look them in the eyes, and know I wasn't crazy. 

These dreams are mine, and I choose to let them grow. 

So, I picked up a pen and began. I created two characters for my first novel. I picked up a ukulele and began. I placed my fingers on the strings for my first notes. 

With time and doing these dreams of mine won't be dreams at all. 

First you dream, then you do. Breathing life, creating reality. 

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