Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Broken instruments in a fragile world

We live in a fragile world. What a heavy feeling to think of all the pain surrounding it. 

I don't understand why most things happen. I know the fall of man happened and sin is inevitable. Yet, I will never truly understand the why of pain. 

And that's where trust comes in. I have to trust God is all good. I have to trust that despite all the immense pain there is abundant hope. I know these things, but I do not always believe them. 

I get downtrodden. I get heavy. I get weak. Then I remember it is not upon mankind to take on the burden of it all. Humans are responsible to take action, but the burden is not ours. 

Christ took the burden upon himself a long time ago. A love like that. I will never understand it, but I am thankful. My words are insufficient.  But I will praise Him, simply because He is who He says He is. All good. All righteous. All just. All loving. Full of wisdom. Full of grace. Full of peace. Full of truth. 

I realized when I become overwhelmed by pain I often become frozen. I am stricken to a point of paralyzation. I mourn over the pain of this world, but I do not take action, at least not consistently. 

I know I am not alone in this. 

A young woman once shared her heart with me. She said we cannot take on the burden, or else we will become too overwhelmed. "We must ask God to reveal one thing we are passionate about, and help. Continue focusing on that thing." 

It is not for each individual human to take on everything, or what they think is everything. It is for humans to work together. When we narrow in on one area we can fully invest, without carrying the burden of it all. That's not to say you cannot help in multiple areas, but we mustn't become paralyzed-- thinking we have to do it all. God carries the burden of it all. 

God has created man as His instruments. We are broken instruments, but a harmony is possible. 

Alone, we are chipped pieces of dust covered instruments, lying on the ground. With God, we are chipped pieces He picks up, dusts off, puts together and plays. 

What a beautiful sound, only one can make: The One True King.  

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