Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday of gratitude

||  t h a n k f u l   f o r  || 

i n   n o   p a r t i c u l a r   o r d e r . . .

1. slow Saturday mornings: full of prayer, music, 
coconut coffee, and spinach/mushroom omelets.

2. the privilege of listening to others' stories, experiences,
 and growth-- a privilege that has always made
me feel at home.

3. laughter with new friends-- where has this kindred spirit been
 all my life? Oh, yeah God had her waiting, 
waiting to come into my life 
at the perfect moment. 

4. getting my article published in one of my favorite publications. The privilege 
of being able to share a piece of my story, so the people 
that need to know, know they're not alone. 

5. coming to a better understanding of my faults and strengths. Knowing I am broken 
and flawed, but God has made me with immense purpose--
growing confident in who I am , knowing I don't
 have to hide parts of me out of fear. 

6. I get to see my best friend in exactly one week from today. I  am going  to give her the biggest hug ever.

7. the ability to write poems. I use to think I wasn't a good poet, so I stopped writing poetry for 
the longest time. But I have realized I think in pieces, and I often write best in pieces.
I then realized those pieces are stanzas. It may sound strange that I am just
now putting the pieces together (pun intended), but it often takes a bit to 
realize the details of yourself. I still want to write a novel, 
but now I also want to write a book of poems.

8. the view I see driving to my internship everyday. As soon as I get close to the freeway exit there it is-- in all it's glory. The view of the buildings, bridges, and boats-- all aligned,
their only job: to stay together, to never leave one another. 
To live in perfect unity. It's magic. 

9. runs close to sunset. The only time you'll see me running is during golden hour. When 
everything around glows and things seem more at peace, more content. 

10. God's peace. His unfailing love. Him. Everything about who He is as our Father. How he has drew me out of deep waters. I am His and I will forever be thankful. 

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