Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collecting fragile things

I spotted the perfect leafy leaf. 

I plucked it off a mossy tree and placed it on my vanilla colored page. 

I went to take a photo of this leaf, I was so proud I collected, when the wind picked up, turning the page, sweeping the leaf. 

Funny how life is, how timing works. I took the photo thinking: "I collect these things, things like leaves, because they're fragile. They remind me of how delicate it all is. How people change in different seasons. All the people who go unnoticed." 

Before I could even finish my thought, the wind came, and there it was- the proof of how fragile it all is. 

If you look at it all, everything reflects each other. Maybe I'm just crazy and find metaphors and analogies in everything- but maybe, too, that's what God intended. For everything to reflect each other, because really it all reflects Him.

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