Thursday, December 18, 2014

The unnoticed lull

You know that moment when you can finally breathe again? Not that you hadn't been breathing all along, but rather you hadn't acknowledged it.

There's always that moment, a lull. Everything slows; nothing shuffles, bumps, or pushes: it is still. You are still. You hear the breathes you take in. You feel the pattern your heart makes.    

Us humans, we breathe instinctively and selfishly. I desire not only to appreciate the one lull I notice, but to intentionally reflect on the daily breathes I am given. Breathes and all things in between.

What a lovely whirlwind of breathes and busyness it has been the past two months. So much has happened - light and heavy things.

And right now, as I reflect on it all I am thankful for this rare free time. The time to click these keys, to type these words. But what I continue to learn is that there is no free time. We are graciously given time, given breathes, and how we use them is up to us.

I will click these keys again and in the mean time I will deeply breathe in the lull- the one I too often dismiss. 

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