Monday, January 26, 2015

Three perfectly imperfect words

Last night this bearded man said something he's told me many times before. Three words, creating one raw sentence: "I hate perfection." 

Although this time we were talking about something as silly as "celebrity crushes," I never grow tired of his words.

He continually reminds me that he takes me as I am. And that the things I and/or others see as character flaws and/ or quirks are included in his love for me, included in his love for all people. 

I too often strive for perfection. I run toward my version of it - getting no where - instead of toward Jesus. More often than not I am stubborn and independent and afraid of letting go. I often refuse help, just to "prove" my independence. 

But Nick is always patient. He waits: allowing space + time. I am thankful for this man who has never expected perfection, has always waited and continually emulates Christ's love.

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