Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Crack of dawn, clothes, craftsmanship


I adore them. 

There is something sacred about waking up before the sun and watching light gradually appear. 

My mornings are made up of 'rituals': Bible, journal, prayer, coffee, day dreaming-- simply being. I take my mornings slow and my coffee black. 

The above are always present in my mornings, but occasionally I like to throw in a few spices: yoga, photography, admiring craftsmanship. 

Yes, fashion and clothes making are forms of craftsmanship. I'm glad you asked. I don't know whether you agree or disagree, but I believe piecing fabric together to create clothes, and piecing clothes together to create outfits are art forms. 

Like painting and designing (to name only two), fashion and clothes making requires attention to detail: patterns, hues, texture and patience. 

More than anything art requires intentional purpose, or it should. 

I am drawn to creating intentional purpose in most everything I do, including the clothes I choose to purchase, piece together and put on. I cannot claim everyone should be this way, but this is the way I am. 

I am certain fashion should not consume your being, just as no material thing should. But I do believe fashion can be healthily enjoyed and viewed as a beautiful expression of creativity.

With that I give you my favorite pieces from Free People's February issue, featuring some of my favorite things: black coffee, dried flowers, glass bottles and old books.   
  • Flowy, cotton dresses with delightful patterns-- I'll take 'em all.
  • Big brimmed hats, check. I own one and outside of classes (I don't want to go obstructing anyone's view) I live under it.
  • Denim on denim. I dig it. 
  •  Black, distressed, leather jackets-- just call me Ponyboy.
  • Intricately patterned, soft cardigans-- they double as pretty blankets. Goodness gracious it doesn't get better than that. 
  • And finally: ripped jeans. Forever.

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