Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One word

Sometimes there are plenty
words in my head, yet
they don't flow easy.
They cram. 

It hurts, how they
bump and pile. 
They try to push 
and move along,
they try to find their
rhythm again. 

But this too hurts. 
It is not a smooth process.
It is quite ugly. 
Bouts of melancholy 
and doubt fill
the pages with ease,
the way the words
long to.

But, one word. 
One word forces 
its way out and
to the page
with a 

Sometimes it has a
bump or a bruise,
or it's awfully

But, it made it. 
And with its 
purple, blue and red 
a whole story 
will form. 


  1. Your words are so beautiful Angel and a blessing to those who read them.

    1. Thank you Amy. You are always encouraging. I don't feel I deserve the continual kind words you provide, but I am thankful for them-- and you.