Saturday, June 6, 2015

New discoveries // summer links

It's not quite summer, but in the valley of California it's felt like summer since late April. So, in honor of summer's almost arrival I have compiled a short list of what I'm currently loving, along with their links. I hope these warmer days find you well-- ridding the old things that have gone bad and welcoming new things, truths and travels. It may sound strange, but this list of new discoveries has found me well as I transition into a new life, post-grad life.

1. Sufjan Stevens' new album. I've been waiting for this and I wasn't disappointed. Still processing all of the lyrics.

2. This blogger, her blog, her Instagram. A bohemian dream. And her kitty is the cutest thing to exist.

3. A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway. Every writer needs to read this. I have a paperback copy and I will always prefer paper over digital, but I found this free e-book so if it suits your fancy.  

4. This recipe. Nom Nom. And so easy (tip: if you don't have cornstarch, flour will do the trick). 

5. This farmhouse in Portland. This New York studio. And this Midwestern duplex. All are so different, yet all contain a beautiful collision of vintage and modern. And lots of house plants scattered throughout. Hi, I'm Angel and I'm addicted to home decor inspiration. Seriously though, I am collecting plenty of ideas and counting down the days my fiance and I have our own place. Design Sponge is my go to for home inspiration.   

6. This Sarah Silverman quote. Just, yes. 

7. Any wooden crate or box-like shelving. Like this. And this. Especially when greenery is incorporated. I recently turned my old wooden desk organizer (the one you see above) into one of these shelves, simply by using heavy duty nails. And painted it sea foam green, which always makes things happier.

p.s. a post coming at ya soon full of my thoughts on post-grad life-- if I can collect and piece them together coherently, in a timely manner.

Kitchen and record photo courtesy
 of Search Creative Commons


  1. Love the Sarah Silverman quote! :)

  2. I love Sufjan but for some reason haven't listened to his album in full yet! Have you read Sarah Silverman's memoir? It's pretty hilarious albeit her usual raunchy self, but I still found myself laughing out loud.

    1. I'm so glad you listen to him-- definitely listen to the whole album :) I have not read her memoir! I should get on that, I bet it is hilarious ( worth the raunchiness haha). I plan on reading Tina Fey's as well!