Sunday, June 14, 2015

Peace of mind & body w/ PipingRock essential oils

I think it's my mother in me-- my love of all things natural. And I think it's my grandmother in me-- my thirst to make with my hands. So, this is where essential oils come in. 

They come from natural fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, etc. They can be used solo, combined together or used to make other beautiful things-- candles, soaps, lotions. And their benefits are endless.

I purchased essential oils from Piping Rock and have been using them regularly for a few months. And let me tell you-- they work. I took a good amount of time comparing prices and reviews of different brands, and landed confidently on Piping Rock. Their essential oils are inexpensive, good quality and all natural. When searching for inexpensive natural products it's important to do your research and make sure you will get what you expect-- all natural products (some crazies try to gimmick you). Piping Rock's website is easy to navigate and provides a list of each oil's benefits/uses. Keep in mind not all of their single oils, such as chamomile, are 100 percent pure, meaning the oil is blended with other oils, but they too are natural. The bottles will always say "100 percent pure" or "blended" and the ingredients are listed on the label.   

What I love about essential oils is that there is pretty much an oil for everything and if there isn't you can mix multiple oils to make it happen. It's pretty sticking great. Figuring out what oils blend well together is made simple, thanks to a rad invention-- the Internet. I discovered The Aroma Blog, which has dozens and dozens of essential oil recipes. I modified two bergamot blend recipes I found on the site, by leaving out the oils I didn't have. 

My Bergamot blends // how to use & benefits:
>>> lavender & bergamot
- reduces feelings of anger/frustration/anxiety/stress/sadness
- helps provide a positive outlook 
- massage into your temples 
- rub on forearms and side of neck (like perfume) 
- soak a wash cloth in hot water and put a few drops onto the cloth. Put on back of neck or on chest
- add desired amount of drops to a hot bath
>>> chamomile & bergamot
- helps indigestion/gassy belly 
- massage on your lower abdomen  

I've found using the anxiety reducing oils like perfume is the most helpful. If my anxiety is more intense one day I'll carry an oil with me to reapply throughout the day. 

How-to make blends: 
-Add desired drops of each oil to a glass mixing bottle, keeping the ratio balanced. 

So, I'll leave this here, with the hopes you too fall in love with essential oils. 

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